Ask Avery and STOP THE TRAFFIK Statement

Sex work and the right to survive

About the campaign

The Avery Center and STOP THE TRAFFIK are working in partnership on the “What did you have to do to survive?” campaign. The Avery Center is a national non-profit that offers services for those who have experienced commercial sexual exploitation (CSE).  STOP THE TRAFFIK is a leading global human trafficking prevention charity. This campaign uses extensive research and geo-targeted advertising tools to run an intelligence-led campaign, to provide information about available support to those who need it.

We won’t stand for exploitation

Sex work – and the overlap between sex work and sexual exploitation – garners a deal of attention and discussion.  Both The Avery Center and STOP THE TRAFFIK believe that while there may be differing opinions around sex work, we agree that we all need to be active in the fight against exploitation.

Thousands of individuals in Colorado, and globally, are experiencing exploitation and violence – and The Avery Center exists to offer support to those who want out. The Avery Center and STOP THE TRAFFIK are committed to eradicating exploitation and human trafficking wherever they find it, and this campaign is one of many that look to shine a light on the hidden nature of trafficking.

Why am I seeing this ad?

Our adverts use geo-targeting tools, to show content to people using social media in the locations where we know sexual exploitation is an issue. We do not hold any personal data about individuals unless they elect to contact us.

Whatever your story is or however you define your experience, if you are seeking support, we want to be there for you. If you don’t want to see ads from The Avery Center again, you can block the Facebook page. You can find instructions on how to do this here.

What about the demand for commercial sexual exploitation?

While an important part of prevention work, in this campaign, we are also not focusing on the behaviors of sex buyers/punters/clients. Our focus is wholly around supporting those who wish to exit sex work or need help on any other issue related to commercial sexual exploitation. This could be issues that arise upon or after exiting. This is a survivor-focused program and those are the voices we are choosing listening to for this campaign.