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The Avery Center (formerly Free Our Girls) Care Package Program began in 2016 and has grown exponentially. We are currently sending 100 care packages every month to individuals all across the US and Canada. We want this program to serve as a space for participants to feel empowered, worthy of love, and important. At The Avery Center, we believe that lived experience must inform change. As a result, the care package program has always been survivor-led and focused. In doing so, we send out yearly surveys to collect data on how to improve the program. Your voice is important, and we are listening. In 2020, we conducted a study to determine how best to incorporate survivor feedback and developed a new program accordingly. So here is what to expect:

Starting in 2021, every month will have a theme related to personal growth and healing. Each month will also include digital interviews and recordings with survivor leaders and allies on the theme. As the program grows, you will have the opportunity to engage with other survivors through blog post comments and discussion boards - allowing you to delve deeper into the theme on a personal level.

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