Ending the Game

A Trailblazing, Survivor-Written Curriculum

Ending the Game

A Trailblazing, Survivor-Written Curriculum

Ending the Game

Ending The Game is a safe, confidential support group led by survivors. Support groups are facilitated by our sister organization The Avery Center. Meetings are held online and available to anyone across the country. All you need is a reliable internet connection for remote access to an online meeting.

Are You a Survivor?

  • Have you ever traded sex for money/drugs/basic needs?
  • Have you ever had to turn over your money that you made to someone else?
  • Are you tired of The Game?

Getting out may seem impossible. It's not. We can help.

Ending The Game (ETG) is a program for adults and juveniles who have experienced commercial sexual exploitation and sex trafficking. That includes, but is not limited to: sex trading for drugs or basic needs, prostitution, stripping, pornography, sugar baby/daddy, gang trafficking, pimp trafficking, and more.

The ETG program is trauma-informed, designed by a leading expert in cultic intervention and survivors of “The Game.” It's designed to help individuals in “The Game” recognize the patterns of abuse and psychological tactics their pimp-traffickers use to coerce them into a world of exploitation.

Ask Avery, in partnership with The Avery Center, provides individual information and support as you find your freedom, heal, and rebuild. We want to assist so that you can freely work toward your own goals for a successful future.


"[This class] made me realize a lot about my whole experience in “the life.” It brought out a lot of hidden emotions and suppressed memories. Which helped me therapeutically. My favorite [activity] was, inside the box we had to put the person we were in the life and outside of the box we put the “real me”. For example, inside the box I put things like “No crying, laughing, or showing any emotion, speak when spoken to, short skirts, thongs, loyalty, and closed legs don’t get fed.” On the outside I put, “I’m emotional, I belong to nobody but God, I’m strong, I speak my mind, I love to read and listen to music and I love to laugh.” It was these types of things that really helped me find myself and brought me back to reality that I’m not what I used to do and I’m not who he made me to be."

Survivor from Los Angeles, CA

Unsure if this opportunity is for you?

There are 3 ways to learn more.


Visit the Ending the Game website to learn more about the curriculum.


Send us an email to learn more: ask@theaverycenter.org.


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