Creating Economic Empowerment


Based in Greeley, Colorado, our Job Training Program provides immediate employment while teaching entrepreneurship. Program participants are involved in all areas of program operations, including photography, marketing, branding, inventory, merchandising, customer service, point-of-sale, and more. The program is built to create a trauma-informed environment and designed with the utmost flexibility. Program graduates are equipped with skills that make it easier to re-enter the workforce at-large.

The program pays living wages while equipping participants with job skills, building work history, education, financial literacy, and the ability to end poverty much sooner.

Program Structure

Work hours are divided into two segments: storefront operations and personal/professional development. Storefront operations work is approximately 12-15 hours per week employed through our Sparrow's Landing online storefronts and local resale boutique.

Personal and professional development work is further divided into two categories: individual coursework and group activities. Within the self-paced individual coursework, topics range dependent upon the track the participant chooses - job readiness, management, or entrepreneurial. Group activities range from self-care to computer literacy and are designed to not only increase skills and knowledge but encourage peer support and model healthy relationships with community members.

Our Job Training Program includes positions both locally in Greeley, CO as well as online-only remote options. The number of available job positions is limited; if we do not have an immediate opening, we do have the option to add you to our wait list.