Care Package Program

Member Resources + Bonus Content

Every month, the Avery Care Package Program has a theme related to personal growth and healing. Each month also includes digital interviews and recordings with survivor leaders and allies on the theme, which you have access to as part of your Care Package Program membership. As the program grows, you will have the opportunity to engage with other survivors through blog post comments and discussion boards - allowing you to delve deeper into the theme on a personal level.

Your membership includes everything from the Ask Avery free site membership, too!

We will not sell, share, or distribute your information, ever. We will contact you occasionally about members-only content, resources, and updates related to your free account.


Should you choose not to re-enroll in the Care Package Program at the end of the year, your account will be downgraded and you will no longer have access to the Care Package Program Bonus Resources. You will always have access to the regular Ask Avery site content with the free site membership.