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“You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them.”

—Maya Angelou

We provide services to people who work in the sex trade. However you identify it: prostitution, hoein, dancing, sex work, escorting, camming, escorting, sugaring, the game, commercial sexual exploitation, you should have access to services that make your community safer.


We’re an organization run by individuals who have exited the sex trade and know that exiting is possible, but we’re not here to force you to make that decision. We understand how difficult exiting can be and that it’s not a choice everyone wants to or can make.


Bad Date List

Report a bad date or search our list to screen your dates. Our Bad Dates Lists is free and accessible only to people in the trade. We’ll never remove information about a date and we’ll never charge you to access our database.

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Care Package Program

Sign up for our care package program to receive monthly care packages for a full year. Each package is sent with a note of encouragement, locally crafted and fair-trade certified health and beauty products, snacks, and sweet sundries to brighten your day.

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Join our Instagram Network

Our founder Avery Day kept her account once she exited. She shared about what it was like to exit the game and the new life she created. Since 2010, she’s built the network to be a safe place for people in the life. She kept in touch by offering resources like care packages and information about services. Send us your handle and we will send you a follow:

Join an Online Support Group

We have a safe, confidential support group led by survivors. Meetings are held online and available to anyone across the country. All you need is a reliable internet connection for remote access to an online meeting.

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Complete the form below to get more information about any of our resources. Filling out the form doesn’t commit you to joining; it is just the first step to connecting with a safe online community.

If you have questions, you can contact us by email at askavery@theaverycenter.org

“In her heart she is a mourner for those who have not survived. In her soul she is a warrior for those who are now as she was then. In her life she is both celebrant and proof of women's capacity and will to survive, to become, to act, to change self and society. And each year she is stronger and there are more of her."

—Andrea Dworkin | feminist, writer, activist, survivor

If you yourself do not need services, you can still help support these crucial programs by donating here. To learn more about trafficking please visit our corresponding site at theaverycenter.org